Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 was one of the best I’ve had so far.

Leo got a cool paddling pool, and outside slide. The pool was the second one purchased, after we decided not to use the olympic sized one, complete with 2,500,000 litres of water, that his grandparents bought him. It was so large I could have scuba dived in it and still needed to decompress on the way back to the surface to avoid the bends.

There was the fantastic weather, bright, sunny and hot. This is a big departure for me, as generally I don’t get on with Christmas in New Zealand. I’m used to, and prefer, the darker colder Christmases of Great Britain. Decorative lights can been seen earlier and for longer. Most shops and streets have decorations everywhere and makes the whole period more authentic and enjoyable. There’s something not quite right about hearing White Christmas playing in a store when the temperature is around 22C outside.

Anyway, back to last year. It was my turn to get a traditional (as possible) UK Christmas dinner, so a turkey was bought and defrosted three days before hand. A whole heap of different vegetable dishes were provided by Bex’s Dad. It was an international affair, with some very good friends we have met this year. Diane and Kai (German), Kim (British) and her Mum MaryJane (Belgian, apologies for the name spelling if its incorrect), as well as Bex and her parents and brother (New Zealand).

The weather cooled a little, and provided the smallest of breezes to make eating not too unbearable.

There was the group outside viewing of another of Leo’s great presents, this time from Kai and Diane. A spinning flying saucer kind if rotating blade (Mmmm, that description didn’t really go anywhere, did it?), with neo lights on it. He loved it, but once he had gone to bed, the adults took over. It was whisked into the garden where we all watched it fly around the garden. Better than earlier when it was trialled in the front room, and after bouncing round the walls it finally decapitated a reindeer by the TV.

Overall everyone appeared to have had a really good time, and the whole day was very enjoyable. A great meal, with great company for an all round great afternoon and evening.