September Snaps – Day 30

Hawke’s Bay Farmers Market is the subject of today’s photo.

Bex dad Derek was one of three people taking part in a cook off in the middle of the market. They had 30 mins to cook a meal consisting of at least five ingredients purchased from stalls there. The other restriction was that it all had to be prepared on a single BBQ burner.

They all had interesting sounding meals, lamb, venison and paua. Derek’s was the venison one, done with roast potatoes, beetroot and a blackberry sauce.

The result… … Derek won! The judges were very impressed with the taste, presentation and advanced recipe that had been produced. Two of them stated that they would have been happy to have just paid for that meal in any restaurant.

Well done Derek!

… and that brings us to the end of September, and of SeptemberSnaps. Another month of posting a picture a day. I’m happy with most and only got caught short once or twice, needing to look for something rather than having seen something myself during the day. It’s been a lot of fun doing this with Diane, and hopefully she will want to do this again soon as it’s much more enjoyable when she is taking part too. There weren’t many occasions where we wanted to take the same thing, so always good to have someone pointing possible shots out to you, and vise versa.

If not daily photos, then maybe something else, as joint blog projects are great and knowing someone else is taking part keeps you going when it may seem tough. I’m sure some days I must have driven her mad with suggestions on photo opportunities, but hopefully a couple were helpful 🙂

It always makes me want to write more, so I hope this will enthuse me to find topics to post, that aren’t just mindless rants.


September Snaps – Day 29

Today we went to the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier. Leo is nuts about sea life and watches Finding Nemo, Sharks Tale and any nature documentary with whales etc in them, so it seemed like the ideal place to show him.

I couldn’t choose just one photo, so here is a few showing some of the things we saw.

Lizards? Yep, that’s right, they had a few there, along with some caiman and turtles.

Some photos didn’t come out as I chose to follow the signs about not using flash photography. Shame not everyone was that observant or thoughtful.

Actually not a bad place to visit. Some areas a little small for the creatures in them (not unusual really), and could be a bit more educational. It’s good, but I’d have expected something a little bigger for the National Aquarium of New Zealand. I seem to remember that the one in London is larger, and there are quite a few in Britain in general.

So SeptemberSnaps is nearly over, with just one more day to go tomorrow.

September Snaps – Day 28

Today’s picture may be a little confusing, and hard to see, due to it raining.

At first glance it appears to be four vehicles behind a double trailer, but while the double trailer is still correct, the other four are of complete idiots. From the moment they got behind the wheel all other organs and body parts disappeared leaving just great big assholes.

All four of these vehicles thought that their journeys were so important that it they could overtake at high-speed and pass two cars at once. Funny then to see all of them stuck behind the double trailer stock truck. Clearly had the nuts to pass cars on bends and approaching hills, but the challenge of the truck a little much. Maybe their CD of the sound track to any of the horrendous Fast and Furious, Too fast to furious or I’m now just furious movies had stopped by then. Or they had just realised that being dicks wasn’t cool anymore, and hadn’t been since the mid 90’s.

The seemingly Kiwi thing of adjusting your driving habits to the conditions, but the opposite direction to the one you’d think. Maybe change the mantras of ‘Bit of rain, drive more insane’ and ‘Weathers bad, so drive like mad’ should be changed now and made something a bit more safety conscience like ‘It’s not good out there, so I’ll drive with due care’?

Go on, give it a try. Think of others on the road and not just how quick you can get to the next KFC for a double down burger and fries. It’ll still be there in ten minutes time, which can be all you’re saving.

ps, I was the passenger and not actually driving and photo snapping at the same time.

September Snaps – Day 27

Today’s picture shows some of the graphic novels I discovered in a box under the house recently.

These, plus another 15 Batman and maybe 20 miscellaneous others were in a box that I’ve been searching for since we moved here.

Although I have a lot in electronic format now, it still doesn’t beat reading the original paper format. Some will laugh and say ‘aren’t they just comics’, but they’d be quite wrong.

September Snaps – Day 26

Apologies for the delay on yesterdays photo, but server issues stopped me posting it last night!

Today’s (yep, now yesterday’s) photo is of the little sunflower growing on our window sill.

The plant was supplied by Diane, and from what I’ve seen, mine seems to have been given the correct instructions on how to grow, ie straight up and towards the sun, not crazy curly whirly ways, like some others I could mention 😉

September Snaps – Day 25

Today’s photo is of… … well actually, you tell me?

From the outside, it appeared to be a harmless (other than the calories), tub of Cookies and Cream ice cream. On closer inspection it appeared to contain an unusual looking frozen liquid.

Was it a sauce left over from a previous meal? Was it a specimen that needs to be kept for future medical use?

I wasn’t brave enough to take a taste and am happy to remain blissfully ignorant of what it might be. What did we do with it? What anyone else in that situation would do, popped it in the back of the freezer for a future discussion.