Foto Feb – Day 29

Today is the final day of Foto Feb.

Seemed like a fitting  picture as this has been a jointly participated project with Diane. Quite a few photos have been taken at the same time, even if they have been of different subjects.

It’s been a fun month, with days where there have been a few things photographed and a choice to be made on which one to use. Other days where nothing has really happened, or stood out enough to have had a photo taken.

I am impressed by the people out there doing 365 or even 5 and ten-year photo projects. Not too sure I’d be able to keep it up for that long every day. It has been great though, so I’ll certainly post more photos on here.

Now to think of the next blog project to try…


3 thoughts on “Foto Feb – Day 29

  1. It’s been so fun watching your Foto Feb posts! I look forward to meeting you one day. Have Leo give Diane a big hug for me 😉

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