Foto Feb – Day 29

Today is the final day of Foto Feb.

Seemed like a fitting  picture as this has been a jointly participated project with Diane. Quite a few photos have been taken at the same time, even if they have been of different subjects.

It’s been a fun month, with days where there have been a few things photographed and a choice to be made on which one to use. Other days where nothing has really happened, or stood out enough to have had a photo taken.

I am impressed by the people out there doing 365 or even 5 and ten-year photo projects. Not too sure I’d be able to keep it up for that long every day. It has been great though, so I’ll certainly post more photos on here.

Now to think of the next blog project to try…

Fun with physics

An atom walks into a bar and sits down.

The bartender comes over and says “Hey buddy, why do you look so down?”

The atom says “Oh it’s just terrible, I lost my electron.”

The bartender says “Are you sure?” The atom says “yeah, I’m positive”.


Foto Feb – Day 28

Took a quick trip to the beach after work today with Bex and Leo, found a close one on the Kapiti coast with a great view of Kapiti Island (not shown).

While Bex and Leo walked in the sea, actually Leo was trying to take the sand from the beach back to the sea a spade full at a time, I did a bit of sand art, the usual stuff, a cat, a dog chasing the cat, the dog and cat both being chased by a shark.

So there you have it, Foto Feb all wrapped up and finished…

… but wait, that’s right, it’s a leap year, so there’s one more photo still to go 🙂

Foto Feb – Day 26

Today I’ve been mainly looking after my son, Leo. He is very musical and likes lots of different instruments. One of his favourites is a little xylophone. We’ve both played with it quite a bit during the day.

Eight brightly coloured note bars: C B A G F E D C

One of my favourite clips from The Muppets is of  Rawlf playing Eight little notes, a song about Beethoven.

I taught myself, and often wow others, Ode to joy, although Leo normally stops me halfway through to bash out something else.

Just in case anyone out there wonders, here’s how to play it:

E E F G G F E D C C D E E D D,

E E F G G F E D C C D E D C C,

D D E C D E F E D E F E D C D… … the toy xylophone doesn’t have the last lower note to finish unfortunately 🙂

Foto Feb – Day 25

The photo we have here is of the view from a family friends house.

The photo doesn’t really do justice to the amazing view you get to see.

I was there to install a wireless network, which on its own is generally straight forward. It was suggested to me that I post a photo of the unhelpful pictogram installed instructions, but decide on the view that kept me calm during the frustrating processes.

Picture one, unbox your router, Picture two connect your router, Picture three enjoy your wireless network. Erm, yep, that last should be step 25 or 30, you’ve missed a couple there, just saying, don’t want to sound picky at all.

Also must say a quick thanks to the smug self-satisfied Telstra tech who thought he was better than me when he was queried about their internet connection. Is it lonely up there, on your pedesta

Foto Feb – Day 24

Day 24’s photo, posted today, taken yesterday, happy to admit by Diane (I ran out of time, and dropped the ball during the day with photo taking). Is of a cool card game we played.

Man bites dog, a pack of cards with words printed on each one, that you have to make a headline worthy of the scummiest gutter rag with. Great fun had by myself, Bex, Diane and Kai as we agreed, disagreed and laughed at what we each came up with.