30 days of me – Day 26

Day 26 – What you think about your friends

John Paul Satre once said “hell is being locked in a room with your friends.”

Friends are one of the most important things in your life. The right ones will be there for the good times and the bad. Will offer support when you need it and advice when you ask (sometimes when you don’t ask, but generally when it’s needed). The close friends I have I know will do all these things and more. When you have a close bond like that with someone you now that you’ll put up with each others bad jokes, you’ll happily disagree one topics, no matter how strongly you both feel about your view.

You’ll be there for each other and there’s pretty much nothing you wouldn’t do for each other. I might quantify that to offering to dispose of body parts, but not necessarily help with dismemberment, those who know we well will know I’m too squeamish for that. Although thinking on it (not for too long mind), if you want my help with that, freeze them first, I can’t see a problem with everything being frozen 🙂

I’m not in touch with any friends from school, although I’ve exchanged the briefest of protracted IM’s on Friends Reunited with a couple. Same with ones from college. When I decided not to go to the following course after our current one, when others did, that spilt us up and we lost touch. I REALLY hate dancing, so would often not go clubbing every weekend due to the fear of looking like a complete idiot on the dance floor. I should have made more of the 80’s when it was perfectly acceptable and cool, yes, cool, to dance like Rick Astley.

I know which friendships I can rely on 100% to give help, advise and be there when I need them. Relatively newly formed or long time standing I can ask those friends any question and get an honest reply. They should also all know that they would get the same from me too. I will always have time for my friends.


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