30 days of me – Day 6

Day 06 – Favorite super hero and why

I’m going to say Batman. I know this opens up a whole lot of debate in the world of comics. Technically Batman isn’t a super hero, as he has no powers, he’s an anti-hero with a shed load of money, and some really cool gadgets.

There’s something endearing about a normal person fighting crime, having vulnerabilities and mortality, not being super and having unbelievable powers.

The comics are darker than most and show a grittier city (Gotham), a more downtrodden populace, some slightly more unhinged and twisted villains. Originally created by Bob Kane, the more modern iterations really hit the mark as far as entertainment goes. The Batman begins and Dark Knight movies have done justice to a maligned character still trying to lose the Batman TV series of the 60’s slightly campy approach.

Yes, people will say that there are real life super heroes, etc, etc, but they are actually just people, doing difficult and grueling jobs. Impressive, inspiring, but still just people.

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