Hello World!

So this is it. The first post up and viewable.

The main reason for setting this up was the difficulty in keeping friends up to date with what’s going on. Every year I make the misguided New Years Resolution to keep in touch more and write regular e-mails. This presents the normal problem of trying to find time to write something, then send it round to all those I want to keep in touch with.

So the solution? A blog where I can write what I want to write, and those who want to find out what I’m up to will get updates, and those that don’t will wish they had when everyone tells them how great it was, well that’s the theory anyway 🙂

There are things that pop into my head that I think are funny, until I’m corrected by someone else. Things that interest me, or just something I’d like to get others opinions one. Either way they will appear here, and due to the ease of using this, hopefully more often than I used to e-mail.